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The right thinks the breakdown of the family is the source of crime and poverty, and this they very insightfully blame on the homosexuals, which would be amusing were it not so tragic. Families and “family values” are crushed by grinding poverty, which also makes violent crime and drugs attractive alternatives to desperate young men and sends young woman into prostitution. Family values are no less corrupted by the corrosive effects of individualism, consumerism, and the accumulation of wealth. Instead of shouting this from the mountain tops, the get-me-to-heaven-and-the-rest-be-damned Christianity the Christian Right preaches is itself a version of selfish spiritual capitalism aimed at netting major and eternal dividends, and it fits hand in glove with American materialism and greed.
John Caputo, What Would Jesus Deconstruct (via lyonsbrandon)

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Dambisa Moyo argues that aid hinders development by creating dependencies. Moyo concludes that Western governments should cut off the flow of aid in order to force poor countries to solve their own development issues in the free market. The problem with this perspective is that it assumes that poor countries are somehow naturally poor, as a consequence of their own internal problems. In this sense, it participates in the same fantasy as the aid paradigm itself. It sees aid as a gift that benevolent rich countries give out of a sense of compassion, in order to help poor countries up the development ladder. This story elides the extractive relationship between rich countries and poor countries. The poverty of the Global South is no more ‘natural’ or ‘given’ than is the wealth of the West. Rather, the two are intimately interconnected: the wealth of rich countries depends on the poverty of poor countries.
Aid in Reverse: How Poor Countries Develop Rich Countries (via sociolab)

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